Services we offer

Buy Side Advisory (M&A)


We are in the deal flow. We identify what is available, create deals, evaluate the chances of success and advise on getting deals done (negotiations, assisting in valuing the opportunity, structuring, due diligence).

Joint Ventures

Identification of trustworthy partners, background checks, legal documentation and structuring.

Post Deal Advice

Board level advice after a deal is done on integration and on-going strategic and business requirements, being the eyes and ears on the ground, monitoring the investment.

Sell Side Advisory (M&A)


We assist owners in exiting from their business or hive off a non core business. We have extensive global network and work with other boutique investment banks to reach strategic investors in other geographies. We project manage the assignment from beginning to end (preparation of collateral, identification of potential buyers, assisting in valuing the opportunity, structuring, negotiations, due diligence).

Deal experience in India with access to large number of acquisitive corporate and buy out funds. We also work with our associates in marketing international deals to Indian corporate.


Preparation of Deal teaser, Information Memorandum, Financial model for use with potential buyers that contains all the relevant information on the company. Preparing the Company and deal for proper investment structure (separation of real estate).

Deal structure, internal working on valuation expectation, justification of the same and draft term sheet Solicit and get letters of offer. At this stage valuation and deal structure is finalized.Select 1 or 2 parties with whom discussions continue and give exclusivity with one party who conducts final due diligence.Final agreements and deal consummation.

India Market Entry Strategy & JV

India and South East Asia entry strategy formulation

We help evaluate available entry opportunities (Targets, Joint Venture partners), deal negotiation, structuring, due diligence and deal closure.

Detailed Market Studies

We take assignments to do customised market studies which typically include information on market size, competitors, trends, regulations and case studies.

Assistance in creating Business Alliances

Identification of the right partners, negotiations of commercial terms and legal documentation.

Assistance in finding distributors

Assist companies in creating relationships with master distributors in a new market they intend entering. The assignment involves negotiations of commercial terms and assistance in legal documentation.

Greenfield Plant set up

Identification and evaluation of sites and implementation of localized business plans.

Deal Experience in India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Sector Focus: Engineering, Software, Oil and Gas Equipment, Quick Service Restaurants, Financial Services, Technology,Water treatment

Financial Restructuring & Turnarounds

Financial Restructuring

Financial difficulty can creep up any time on a company, only to be noticed when it’s almost too late. While running the day-to-day affairs, it’s easy to become busy to the point of overlooking small issues. Over the time, these issues can add up and grow, until the company faces a crisis they never expected. In such cases, finding the underlying causes can be a time-consuming and difficult process, often requiring the help of an outside company. When tough decisions need to be made, there is often a fear of making the wrong ones. As an outside third party, we have the ability to properly assess a business’s needs and prescribe the proper remedy. We help companies undergo substantial changes in financial structure, ownership and control, or business portfolio, to increase the value of the business.

Given that India is a land of family businesses, we understand the sensitivities and intricacies of a family and its business. We have advised on several family business restructurings to help our clients achieve financial, strategic and operational efficiencies. We understand the nuances of each restructuring and can help with the transition process.


Very often a business stagnates due to change in industry dynamics, increase in competition, entry of new players, debt overload, change in technology or sudden change in management. A guided turnaround works well for business owners who realize that trying something different is better than continuing on the present course and risking the life of their business. We understand those situations well and work closely with companies to help devise and implement a turnaround strategy by plugging the deficiencies of management, technology, capital or partnerships.

Capital Raising & Debt Refinancing

Capital Raising

Capital Raising in India is both a professional and an emotional decision for most companies and promoters. Unfortunately companies often have unstructured dialogues with investors, have uninformed expectations in terms of valuations and what the investors bring to the table and often don't have the technology, manpower or the materials to facilitate a robust and fair due diligence process. Having been investors ourselves we know what the pain points are and why most capital raising transactions fall short. We have deep, long standing relationships with Private Equity firms, Venture Capitalists, Institutional / Angel Investors and High Net-worth Individual investors that we work with globally and understand what each brings to the table and what they look for in potential investees.

Once we understand your business and your capital needs we will be able to find you the right partner who brings more than just capital. We conduct a thorough analysis of the business, prepare the most relevant materials and run a systematic process to find you the best fit.

Capital Raising- Equity structures

  • We project handle the equity capital raising for mid market clients.
  • Assistance in preparation of collaterals i.e. Information Memorandum, Financial Model, Corporate Presentation.
  • Contact with a large number of funds.
  • Assist in negotiating a term sheet.
  • Hand hold the company through the Due Diligence process.
  • Negotiate the legal documentation.
  • We have access to sources of capital including Private Equity funds, Convertible Bond Investors, Mezzanine funds, High Net Worth Individuals, Pre-IPO investors and Portfolio Investors.
  • For Companies in listed space we organise No Deal Road shows leading to potential investments in Qualified Institutional Placements or PIPE deals.
  • With select clients we provide long term consulting on various matters including capital restructuring, business development and brand building ultimately leading to capital raising.

Debt Refinancing

The process through which a company reorganizes its debt obligations by replacing or restructuring existing debts. Refinancing may also involve issuing equity to pay off a percentage of debt. Debt is replaced or refunded by a company with money that is raised by issuing or creating other borrowing. In restructuring, a company works with its creditor to change the terms of a loan; these terms can include the reduction of interest rates, the improvement of covenants or the extension of the loan's terms.Refinancing will also occur when interest rates have fallen in the market, as the lower current market rates allows a company to cut down on the overall costs of debt a company faces.

Debt Syndication

We specialize in assisting clients with a proactive review of their capital structures to ensure that they are properly capitalized to match their operating fundamentals. Our firm works with clients to structure and raise debt and equity capital in the underserved middle market.

We help clients manage their debt-financing needs by profiling business and cash-flow risks, defining the alternative sources of funding, building in multiple variables such as currencies, fixed-floating, tenure, collateral etc. in a comprehensive manner and finally negotiating with the prospective lenders / buyers.

The team has also built an impressive track-record in debt restructuring based on its superior understanding of business needs and relationships with key lenders.

Raising Cost-effective debt resources in Rupee and Foreign Currency for Projects, Working Capital and Specific needs. Financial Restructuring, CDR, OTS, Interest Cost Reduction, Long-term Corporate Loans for Working Capital Margins. Financial products and services in hedging of interest and currency risks.

Valuation Services & Incorporation

We believe in providing our clients with accurate, relevant valuation services that draw defendable conclusions.We provide valuation services across all industry sectors and specialize in projects in connection with:

How much is your business worth? Whether you are contemplating a sale, involved in the planning of your estate or are looking to secure financing, Delve can Assist you.We do more than just provide you with a number. Our comprehensive valuation report analyzes the economic, industry and competitive environment in which your business operates. We assess your companys financial strength and strategic positioning in order to provide you with an insightful report that fully supports our opinion of value.

ESOP Valuation

For the purpose of payment of Perquisite Tax, we assist companies in obtaining Fair Market Value certificate of equity shares.

IP Valuation

Many situations require IP (Intellectual Property) valuation for an organization to make an assessment of their intellectual capital. Delve valuation services can assist organisation in this endeavor.

IP Valuation


Contact Us For incorporation in India,Singapore,Australia,US and Thailand

Brand Positioning & Valuation Services.


Brand Positioning

Design is about culture invention, integrating that culture by Design Thinking is an art where Positioning is all about. Lets brand to speak for itself.

brad positioning

Valuation Services

Delve do valuation of Start Up & Closely held buinesses and their respective ownership interests.On a full-time and exclusive basis, Our large,dedicated group of valuation professionals provides a full range of quality,supportable valuation services ,CPA.

Hoe we do it

Start –Up Fund Raising & Strategy Advisory

Idea is no one”s Monopoly,But striking right one in right time has lot many odds in it,However,finding investors who share your vision is a project in itself. According to industry estimates, only six out of 1,000 business plans get funded on an average. Only about 5 per cent of the business plans are read beyond the executive summary and 10 per cent of proposals pass initial screening. Only and only 10 per cent of these screened proposals pass due diligence and receive funding.These odds may be daunting, but not insurmountable. At Delve,our approach towards funding is a little different – we believe in putting our money only in ideas that we truly believe in. We believe in trusting our entrepreneurs and in providing support though industry specific mentoring, partner skills and networks to take their business to the next level. Our services are geared towards helping you achieve your business objectives

  • StartUp Idea Conceptualization & Plan
  • StartUp Business Model Documentation
  • StartUp Mentoring
  • StartUp Team Building & Coaching
  • StartUp Financing & Fund Raising
brad positioning

Strategy Advisory

Our advisory services includes consultation in the areas which helps organizations navigate the road ahead by recognizing opportunity, clarifying vision, creating strategies,implementing action and measuring results.

strategy advisory

NRI Business & Private equity Investments Services

NRI Business

Delve Oversears has 100% subsidiary company named NRINEXUS Business Advisory services private Ltd. offers a range of NRI Investment Options in India such as Equity, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Investment Schemes and Offshore Investment ,Beside this NRINEXUS is a first & largest B2B Portal of India exclusively catering needs of NRI.

Private equity Investments Services

We maintain active relationships with a broad array of private equity sponsors seeking to invest capital in public, private and family companies. Many private equity sources focus on change of control transactions including management buyouts, while others focus on growth opportunities, industry consolidation plays, or turnarounds.

Our private placement services range from creating the capital plan and structuring the financial terms to providing marketing assistance and serving as placement or selling agent. Our extensive capital markets experience and long-standing relationships with private equity funds, mutual funds, financial institutions, venture capital firms, and individual investors provide valuable resources in consummating private placement transactions in a timely manner on the best terms available.

Additionally, we augment our traditional distribution capabilities with several unique sources of capital and our syndicate of high-quality partner Investment Banks who have access to additional investors.

Long-Short Money Market Research

Long/short equity is an investment strategy generally associated with hedge funds, and more recently certain progressive traditional asset managers. It involves buying long equities that are expected to increase in value and selling short equities that are expected to decrease in value.

Our 4 long Short Report – India Focused

  • Market View – India Focus
  • Indian Equity – Long Short
  • India Currency Pair – Long Short
  • Indian Commodity-Long Short
  • Global Commodity –Long short

All above reports are published on Daily Basis.

Equity Research & Fund Advisory Services

Equity Research Advisory Services

Delve is your trusted guide for value investing & ahead of curve investments in India. A leading independent equity research initiative, Delve is the destination for honest and unbiased views on Indian equity and money market from last 11 years.

Delve research approached based on Fundamental value investing and technical research for entry and exit strategy. We advised portfolios with minimum size of 10 Million rs. and above.

Fund Advisory Services

  • Individual Porfolio Advisory
  • Private Wealth & Family Office Advisory

We actively help client one to one basis with their investments by providing them Fund Advisory.

Our Theme Includes:

  • Next Big Bet-Stay Ahead of Curve
  • Pre-Designed Portfolio-Horizon 2 to 7 Years.
  • SIP design - Power of Compounding

There’s more – What if you need a full fledged financial planning service to take care of all your future planning needs. Delve offers a premium & paid services only above portfolio size of Rs.1 million for individual portfolio and minimum 10 million rs. For Private wealth & Family office.